Deed Scam

By Marcia Stoner

May 27, 2015

deed letter 

If you’ve recently purchased a home, a scam may try to trick you out of more than $80. Scammers are contacting new home buyers with a seemingly legitimate solicitation offering to send a copy of their property deed and other information for various amounts.

At first, the solicitation known as a “Deed Processing Notice” seems legitimate. You don’t need your deed. Those documents are mailed to you free after a sale or transfer. And if you need another copy, you can order one through your county recorder’s office for a few dollars. In some counties, including Richland County, you can also print deed copies from their website.

Since the filing of deeds are public record, any company or person can retrieve this information. Generally, if you receive a solicitation asking for more money after your closing, it isn’t legitimate. But if you aren’t sure or want more information, contact your county recorder’s office or your real estate agent.

And if you need a copy of your deed for any reason, visit your county recorder in person or online.


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Those papers are posted to you free afterward a sale or handover. If you need additional copy, you can order one through your county.
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